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Guidelines: MXF AS-07 Sample Files

On behalf of the FADGI AV Working Group, the Library of Congress contracted with AVPreserve and their subcontractor EVS, notably Product Development Manager ValĂ©rie Popie, to create a set of graded sample files based on the AS-07 Application Specification as of June 2016. The sample files were reviewed by Oliver Morgan of Metaglue. 

Note: The AS-07 Application Specification continues to evolve thanks to peer review and feedback. Until a new version is published, a live list of updates to the current version is available here.

  • Golden files include most - but not all* - of the technical components detailed in the AS-07 specification. The components follow the defined rules and the files are well-formed and valid.
  • Silver files are similar to Golden Files in their composition except they deviate from the defined rules in the AS-07 specification in minor ways.
  • Copper files include more significant deviations from the AS-07 specification.
  • Lead files contain fatal errors that that compromise the integrity of the conformance to the AS-07 specification

A description of the composition of the sample files (PDF) is available.

This set of sample files represent a waystation in the ongoing implementation of AS-07 and they are not intended serve as reference (conformance) files. It is important to note that the silver, copper and lead files contain known errors and are not conformant to the AS-07 specification. They are included here for those interested in issues related to format validation and testing. FADGI is sharing them with the wider community to solicit feedback on the structure and validity of the files as well as the feasibility of complying with the specification.  Interested parties are encouraged to communicate their findings and comments via the FADGI comment form or with the leader of the FADGI AV team (Kate Murray, kmur@loc.gov).

* Constraints of time and other resources limited the degree to which this set of samples represents the entirety of the AS-07 specification.  Among the omitted elements is embedded content integrity data. Users should be aware that this set of samples were "hand made" and do not represent the output of a factory-production system. 

AS-07 Sample Files

FADGI is compiling notes and comments on the sample files and suggested changes to the specification for review.

Description of the sample files:

Golden files

For those interested in format validation and testing, the following non-conforming files are provided for experimental purposes only

Silver files

Copper files

Lead files


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Last Updated: 5/25/2016