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Term: XMP

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Term: XMP


Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) is a file format neutral specification (and proposed standard) developed by Adobe for embedding comprehensive metadata that is based on the RDF (Resource Description Framework) data model. With a basis on RDF, XMP inherently possesses many desirable characteristics for the representation and management of embedded metadata. Key characteristics include XML-based syntax and extensibility.

The Adobe XMP Whitepaper lists four elements of the XMP platform:
1. RDF Framework or expressing metadata from multiple schemas – XMP Framework
2. Schemas used to describe properties, contained in namespaces – XMP schemas
3. Method for embedding XML fragments in binary streams – XMP Packet Technology
4. Support for third party interface and extensions to XMP – XMP SDK

Adobe XMP Home Page
A Manager\'s Introduction to Adobe eXtensible Metadata Platform, The Adobe XML Metadata Framework
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